November 28, 2011

Some people act like they’ve only read the middle third of a book about the rebellious hard-living artist they so clearly idolize - not the ending, where they’re dead, or the beginning, where they’re talented.

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November 23, 2011

It’s fun to hear rapper’s early works, to hear them spout aliases for themselves that would go on to not really catch on and end up jettisoned by the second album.

Mine would sound like this:

“WHATUP, it’s DC, AKA Mr. Sad For No Reason Sometimes, AKA The Pope Of Straight Gettin’ A Plastic Spoon Out Of A Box Of Plastic Cutlery And Usin’ It To Eat Like One Scoop Of Peanut Butter To Give Him The Base Amount Of Nourishment Necessary To Perform The Mental Task Of Thinking About What To Actually Get For Lunch, And Then Putting That Spoon In The Sink Instead Of Throwin’ It Away, yaheard?”

I think the first one might actually stick.

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Reading, Like, One Book: Failing To Make Uninteresting People Interesting For Over 500 Years!

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November 21, 2011

The other night we sat on the couch of the house where she’s cat-sitting and drank wine and watched The Wire while she mended a hole in the pocket of some pants I got at Old Navy.

It was like a heaven where you still needed pants.

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