February 03, 2011

Songs For "The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep..." Vol. 2

original songs inspired (except where denoted) by the novel by DC Pierson

Available for free download right this second: DOWNLOAD

Book is available at finer book-sellers and here.

The first volume of this compilation is still available here.

The author would like to thank the artists for making this amazing art and letting him give it away for free. He insists you support these artists by clicking the links below and throwing them some dough in exchange for their awesome tunes.

1. "Novel Figure (Demo Version)" - Good Luck
(This song was not written explicitly for this project but appears here courtesy of the artist. It originally appeared on "Demonstration 2010," available here for pay-what-you-can.)
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording.
Written and Performed by Ginger Alford, Mike Harpring, and Matt Tobey

2. "Fast Forward" - Alicia Jo Rabins
Written and performed by Alicia Jo Rabins

3. "I Wanna Bus With You" - Terrordactyls
Written by Michael Cadiz
Performed and recorded by the Terrordactyls feat. Brittany Kusa

4. "Drip Drippy Donald" - USF
Recorded by USF in Seattle, WA

5. "Reconnaissance" - Granada
Recorded by Granada in Portland, OR

6. "Christine" - Melissa Lusk
Written and Performed by Melissa Lusk

7. "Music For Muffinhats" - Alicia Jo Rabins
Written and Performed by Alicia Jo Rabins

Released by Fifty People's Favorite Thing, a fake record label. This is FPFT002, for those of you keeping score at home.

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