December 20, 2007

My site went down for a minute, but we're back. Storython stretches ever onward. If you have died or grown old in the time it has taken me to get to your suggestion, I apologize.

Here's a leak of me from a mixtape Donald is putting together. Some days you just get narsty on a Madvillain beat.

"Fancy Clown (DC Pierson Mix)" - MCDJ - F***stick Mixtape (right click/save as)

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December 14, 2007

Here are some good names for microbrews. If you are starting your own line of hand-crafted beers with cutesy names, feel free to contact me for licensing information.

Trouble Dan's Ale

Knee-Length Peasant Dress

Fanciful Yarn

Monksweat (or its lighter white-beer variation, Nuntears)

Approachable Girl's Two-Yard Stout

The Apple-Picker's Folly

Sporting Crustacean

Disconcertingly Intimate Ale

Large-Kneed Stranger

Makeshift Drum Lager

Quasi-Fascist Pale Ale

Tall Drink Of Egg

Tainted Groundwater Summer Brew

Adequate Container

Thoughtful Carp Ale

True Appalachian Banshee

Falstaff's Musings On Kingship Winter Reserve


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