February 21, 2005

I misremembered the date of the Neko Case show.

I thought it was tonight but it was last Monday.

Damn. Twenty-three bucks. Balls. That was, like, a bad move on my part.

Someday, Neko. Someday.

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I am borrowing my motto for the next few days from Lil Jon: "I don't give a fuck."

Granted, I will make up for it by giving several fucks on, like, Wednesday.

But for now it is refreshing to withhold them.

It is blizzarding. I hate cold and love snow, which actually works out since if it's too cold it can't snow. Snow means it's not deathly cold out. And snow isn't rain. And it makes everything quiet and you can walk in the middle of the street, leisurely drifting out of the way of the few brave cabs. And walking around in it listening to Mark Mothersbaugh tracks from the Tenenbaums soundrack, even atheists see God.

I have been a very lonely dude as of late. Maybe it's seasonal. Especially when it gets warm for a couple days to remind you of what you're missing. But tonight I'm very actively good. And tomorrow I'm not setting my alarm and I might do laundry and I'm definitely, definitely seeing Neko Case tomorrow night.

The longer it's winter the better it's spring.

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February 17, 2005

GE (Gangsta Electric) Featuring Sandman - "Thug Sleep"

Donald and I made a song.

He is The Sandman.

I am Gangsta Electric.

We are hip hop.

(Unlike the previous things I have posted, this is really a song produced by someone who knows what they're doing, and we're very proud of it.)

First single material.

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February 07, 2005

A theory:

If you don't really like food, you don't really like life.

If you don't really like music, you don't really like life.

Don't really like music equals you have your six CDs and they rotate every year or so and whatever's on the radio's okay (which is not to say popular or "on the radio" is inherently bad. I cite the case of 50 Cent's "Disco Inferno" vs. everything else. Also, I had a drunken crisis at a party a couple weeks ago when I realized yea, Maroon 5's "This Love" is a pretty good song.)

Don't really like food equals you recognize that you need food to live and you need to live because it's the done thing, so you act accordingly.


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February 02, 2005

One skinny white boy.

One computer microphone.

One loop from a Walkmen song.

One pair of Old Navy boxer shorts.

Volume One.

Straight off the dome piece, and it shows. Right click/save as!


Guillermo is coming into town tonight. I hope you took a good long last look at the dictionary page featuring "debauchery," because we will be redefining it right around tomorrow night.

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February 01, 2005

Today as I walked to school I decided to amuse myself by imagining all the dudes I saw either:

A. Jerking off
B. Getting dumped
C. Being too wasted to stand.

It was really funny. For some reason letter A made me laugh, letter B made me think they were big losers, and C made me think that they were really hot.

Alecia is amazing.

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