March 30, 2010

Just now, tonight, walking home, guys were washing the windows of the grocery store with big hoses. All the lights were off in the parking lot but you could see their silhouettes as lit by the glow of the dairy cases all the way at the back of the darkened store. You also knew they were there from the loud SHHHH sound of spraying water and the tendrils of run-off reaching downhill to the sidewalk, tendrils that would catch moonlight and signage and start to go all neon.

Clouds overhead threatened to make all the pavement like that, slick and shiny, loud and super-reflective. I hoped they’d hold off, because I preferred the water the way it was, confined to the ground, a paper cut-out of an octopus that someone colored in like downtown Tokyo.

I was made glad by every ominous thing around me. Shadows and unburst clouds: almost everything is better as potential.

Posted by DC at March 30, 2010 03:15 AM

You inspire me, sir.

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