March 14, 2010

I didn’t have anything to do tonight so I hung out by that the bend in the universe where all things become possible and kind of watched stuff come into being. I didn’t know anyone so I kept checking my phone. I didn’t want to seem like I was gawking but it was hard not to look up when the raw pre-matter of everything formed a whale-god that swam away, leaving a wake of imploding super-sparks. I was happy when you finally came out but I didn’t want to float right up to you because I didn’t want to look like I was just hanging out there waiting for you to exist or anything. Thankfully you recognized me and waved me over. You leaned against that tendril that emerges from the heart of time and I wanted to warn you that it would make your back hot and cold and wet and dry all at once, but you seemed like you knew what you were doing. I pretended to be annoyed by the impossible roar of the perpetual ubernova but I was actually really glad because then we had to do that thing where we leaned over and shouted in each other’s ears. It wasn’t awkward until I said something where you had to ask me what I’d just said like five times over and of course that was the time that I was telling you you were only theoretical. When you finally understood what I was actually saying and I took my face away from your ear and saw the look in your eyes I felt awful for ever saying anything at all but I realized it was way too late to play it like I’d been joking and you bit your lip and as though things couldn’t be going any worse, that was the exact moment the fabric of space-time stopped consenting to project you and you became a drifting smear of light. I wanted to tell you, and it seemed pointless to just shout it into the event horizon, but I wanted to tell you that if I could somehow trade places with you, and have you be the sentient being made of matter and have me be a weird flare of observer-dictated reality static, I would. I think you’d do a lot more with a physical body and a corporeal origin than I have. I can barely make eye contact with anyone. You said like seven true, awesome things and, if time has any meaning out there, you’d only had a mouth for two hundred seconds. There are obviously a lot of fields at play by that bend in the universe, but I swear there was this one that was only around for as long as you existed, and it made me feel comfortable, and even cool. It arrived when you arrived and it was gone when you were gone but as I watched the light you became curve away towards infinity I envied the place that would receive you.

Posted by DC at March 14, 2010 05:31 AM

I'm liking the one-a-day thing now. Much thanks. All brilliant, btw.

Posted by: dude

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Posted by: Etta32Michael

This is really good. I'm about half-way through your book and i'm totally digging it.

Posted by: Morgan

no, seriously, i love you!

Posted by: charmed

Sorta blown away by this. This is really unreal. You have a book? Is it like this? Can I have a hundred copies?

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