March 05, 2010

At the end, she told him something about herself that he hadn’t known, one of those small things that indicates everything, not because it’s actually important, but because it’s one of the small things that pass between people who are intimate. The sort of thing that, in a movie, would slip out between people whose bonds were dissolving, and both the not-fully-known and not-fully-informed parties would feel sad and guilty and betrayed.

She wasn’t even mad that he didn’t know. She had known he didn’t know and it didn’t bother her and it didn’t bother him when he found out the thing he hadn’t known and realized he hadn’t known it. They both knew they should care in the way described above and they just didn’t.

It was something about a summer she had spent in Greece. It doesn’t matter to us because we don’t know them. It should have mattered to them, but the way it feels to us now is pretty much exactly the way it felt to them. They were other people to each other.

Posted by DC at March 5, 2010 02:08 AM

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