October 29, 2009

I cannot get a read on Columbia on Sunday. It seems underpopulated. Is everybody hung over? Studying? Maybe there is no theme to be drawn out, no commonality, no big reason besides it’s Sunday and everybody’s got that Sunday feeling.

I go to Starbucks to work and write, and walking back to the hotel, the town is Edward Hopper orange in the twilight. There are what sounds like 10,000 birds in a tree having a bird orgy or a session of bird Parliament, the kind of Parliament you see in wacky segments on the news about legislative bodies in like, The Phillipines, where they’re constantly brawling and throwing shoes at one another. (If I have mischaracterized The Phillipines’ legislature and it’s actually a paragon of civility, let me know.) Columbia’s cool, man. Columbia’s really fucking cool.

We post up at the Ragtag for our Sunday night showings. The bartender’s playing “Born To Run” in its entirety. I can poke my head in on the movie or I can sit and drink. Heaven?

We have initiated a thing called Sword Club, where if you come to the movie twice over the course of the weekend we give you a foam sword. Each Sword Club sword is individually numbered and has a handwritten unique inspirational quote on it. The swords are from Wal Mart. The inspirational quotes are mostly from the sites that come up when you Google “inspirational quotes” on your iPhone, although the occasional Springsteen quote is mine exclusively.

Dom covers the late Q&A so I can head to the radio station and get started guesting on Kyle and Leanne’s show, “The New Pulse.” The walk to the station is unbelievably pleasant. I think so intensely about how lucky I am that my thoughts are almost audible to passers-by. Across from the older campus building that houses the station are bunch of new, unfinished buildings ringing a courtyard that will probably be pretty someday but for the moment doesn’t have any trees planted where trees should go, so it’s all barren and covered in sod and very post-apocalyptic London flat-block-ish. There are occasional bails of hay, so it is like they are about to have a freak-and-mutant hoedown in the post-apocalyptic flat block. Downstairs, the show begins. We talk shite. I try to convince Kyle that he and Leanne are cute. He pretty much only wants to be punk. I play old songs DERRICK made in Donald’s dorm room. I play Jason Anderson music and Emilyn Brodsky music, and I run to the bathroom during The Gaslight Anthem. Dom joins us. We talk more shite. We talk up Sword Club. A grand old time is had by all. We break up at midnight, when Leanne and Kyle turn the station over to an automated playlist. Dom and I bee-line for the bathroom, because we both drank quite a lot at Ragtag. When we emerge, Leanne and Kyle are about to take off into the night on their bikes. Bikes! Punk? Possibly. Cute? Extremely!

Back at the hotel, MSNBC does not have any of its addictive show “LOCKDOWN” on offer. We are bummed. A strange thing about Missouri television: it must be some equal-time law or something, but every third commercial is a state official talking about some initiative or another they are trying to get passed. There is something delightfully low-stakes and low-rent about state politics. It’s like minor league baseball. How come no one ever gets drunk and goes and sits in the cheap seats at the State Assembly? I bet that’d be a fun way to kill an afternoon.

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