August 11, 2009

On Friday afternoon I am using the wireless at this chain restaurant near us called Corner Bakery. I attempt to put up a new post on this site. A warning comes up telling me is blocked because it falls into a “Forbidden category,” and in this case, that Forbidden Category is “gambling.” I am honored that my literary risks and verbal feats of derring-do have gotten this site classified as “gambling” by the good folks at Corner Bakery. Let’s put it all on black, shall we? (“Black” in this case is self-deprecation.)

My new shower filter arrives in the mail. New York has some of the best tap water in the world. In Los Angeles they purify the ground water with the shattered dreams and poisoned hopes of a million would-be stars. It’s really effective but it makes your skin dry and fills your hair with crippling regret.

Meggie got a car. Dan has outfitted it with a GPS, chosen after much deliberation, that not only does all the space-age things your average GPS unit does, but also has DDR-style arrows that show you what lane you need to be in to make the turns it commands. If you let him, Dan will reveal to you features you never knew your GPS had. Did you know it will direct you to the nearest operahouse? It will. It will critique the opera, too, in its robotic British-woman voice.

In her new car, Meggie drives us to the movies. We have a lot of time to kill before the show starts so we post up in a “gastropub” next to the theater. There is a tennis tournament playing on the bar’s televisions. During a commercial break, there is a commercial for a certain brand of tennis strings. I presume this commercial pretty much only plays during tennis events. In fact, it would not surprise me if, given the fact that the commercial plays so rarely, instead of pre-recording it they do it live every time. I like to imagine a stage manager counting “three-two-one” on her fingers while exaggeratedly and silently mouthing the numbers, before cuing words like “performance” and “tension” to go careening across the screen.

This restaurant seems to be the nexus of the universe. We see many film friends, including Devin of CHUD and BenDavid, of screenwriting. Devin recommends a beer to me. Later, I will drink it and it will be good. After that beer, I will order a different beer based on its name, which I find to be funny and interesting. I will soon learn that a more accurate name for this beer would be “Fishtaste.”

On the balcony, big muscled-out dudes in bandanas are enjoying glasses of wine. I think they are enjoying thinking of themselves as contradictions. I think most of what muscular people in bandanas do, they do because they think it will strike other people as a contradiction.

LA is like living in the Death Star. Sure, it’s the enemy, but it’s the enemy HQ, so it’s the enemy at their most classy and opulent. In short, they throw great parties.

Inside the movie theater, there is lot of really beautiful humanity going on at the concession stand. A seven-foot-tall guy with a big black afro pick in his hair is joking with a guy who has a no-fooling Mohawk (not the kind worn for gimmickry by R&B singers in music videos, we are talking post-apocalyptic biker-gang Mohawk) and ALSO has a spiderweb shaved into the non-Mohawked part of his scalp. Every person here I could imagine in a police lineup in a James Ellroy novel, and one of them would unfairly go up for the crime even though it was actually committed by a corrupt lieutenant or a Castro operative.

We are leaving the parking garage after the movie and we think there’s a fight going on for a second, but then it just turns out to be some male friends horsing around. Don’t you hate it when a fight is fake? And they always are. In 2010 I think we as a society should commit ourselves to having more real street fights. They are entertaining as shit. I demand more collisions between roided-out cologne-machines.

Posted by DC at August 11, 2009 08:54 PM

You're in LA. Those guys probably have those haircuts for a movie. You're looking at the man (with the terrible haircut) in the mirror, dude.

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