July 19, 2009

We are watching a test screening of our movie printed to film at seven on Thursday morning so we stay up through Wednesday night getting stuff done. We go downstairs to get in the car around five fourty five AM because we hope to get some breakfast in Burbank before the screening. I call shotgun but Meggie actually gets it because she has a migraine. A man can let another person have the physical shotgun seat if he knows that he has spiritual shotgun.

I am fundamentally distrustful of anyone else who is up this early. “Go to bed,” I think at other people on the road. The radio station we are listening to plays audio resumes of listeners between songs. People describe their education level and past job experience.

We go to a diner near the post house. When I’m very tired music sounds weird to me. Sometimes it will sound like it’s at a faster tempo that I’m used to. The diner is piping in an oldies station and “Take It On The Run” sounds like it’s being covered by Weird Al, like Weird Al gave up on the parody side of the equation and just decided to cover songs straight at more or less their original tempo.

The waitress is trying to ask us if we’re alright with the booth we’re seated in but what she says is, “Are you content with this tent?” She apologizes but there’s no need, it’s six o’clock in the morning and we should all be given a pass.

They sell a Monopoly derivative called Burbank-opoly at the register. We all eat whole rafts of breakfast food and drink lots of coffee.

Inside the post house I am pouring myself some more coffee and an employee tells me they haven’t set out the milk and things yet and asks me if black is alright. If he knew me, and knew that if I could, I would have all the affectations of a 1930’s detective, but I don’t have a desk to keep a bottle of bourbon in or an office door for trouble to stroll through so I pretty much have to settle for a style of coffee and a wry and cynical interior monologue, he would know that this is a silly question he needn’t have asked.

We are reviewing a print of our movie that has been converted to actual thirty-five millimeter film. Our movie was shot digitally and has been digital every step of the way, so seeing it in the form of light shining through actual physical film, complete with the grain and imperfections you sort of take for granted until they aren’t there and things feel too smooth, is a really incredible experience. Our movie looks like a movie, thanks to many many hours of painstaking work by Dan and the color correction guys at the post house. It is chemicals and celluloid rolled up into big canisters. It is a record of the light given off by things in the actual physical world and after being captured and flying around digitally for several generations, now a year and change later it’s once again physical and warm and organic. It’s a movie on film. I can’t explain how cool that is.

At one point in the day in a meeting I hear a schedule referred to as a “living document,” meaning it will change a whole bunch. I like that.

We eat lunch at a place with a couple of jazz- and James Brown-related posters in the bathroom that I would hang on my wall for sure. I would like to have lots of framed posters from jazz festivals in the 70’s and 80’s that I clearly did not attend. For whatever reason this feels like a profoundly adult thing to me. I feel like if I had a lot of framed posters from jazz festivals hanging around the place, my shoes would come untied less. The bathroom also has blue glass pebbles in the sink.

Later back at home I encounter the building manager. She very sweetly asks if Dominic and I can shut our door more quietly because the lady across the way from us (very sweetly) complained. Everybody has apparently been very sweet at every step of this process so I try my best to be sweet too and I apologize and say earnestly that we will cut out the loud door-closing. The manager says she understands that we leave for work very early, like five thirty, but if we could just try, that would be great. I say again that we will. I don’t get in to correcting her misread of our schedule, or in to explaining that there isn’t one.

Posted by DC at July 19, 2009 05:38 AM

Saw the new trailer at joblo.com this morning, and I'm excited to see it when it's released. So happy for you guys.

Posted by: Sean

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