July 16, 2009

I wake up for the second day of shooting more or less on time but extraordinarily tired. I text the rest of DERRICK to see if anybody wants anything from Starbucks. Later, on my way to set, I am walking to my car with everyone’s drinks and thinking about how I am the sort of tired where you are definitely stupid and mostly insane. I thought I was on time but I am becoming late. I put everyone’s drinks except for my own in the space where my front-seat passenger would put their legs and start to pull out of the parking garage. I am putting my ticket into the robot that charges me for parking if I’ve been in the garage longer than I have, and thinking sophisticated thoughts like “GO! GO! GO!” when I hear a high-pitched plastic-y thud from the driver’s side of my car. I look behind me and see an iced coffee all over the garage concrete. I left my drink on top of my car when I was getting in and it fell and died. I briefly consider going back but there is now a huge line at Starbucks and I will definitely be late. I am very sad, because this coffee was all I wanted in the world just then. Fatigue has turned me in to a frazzled romantic-comedy heroine and I have a very emotional time driving to set.

When I get to set, Meggie suggests having Justin our intern run to Starbucks. Justin is up for it. After demurring for a while I accept his offer. Sending someone else for coffee is the beginning of the end for me. Soon I will be sending lackeys to Mexico for heroin and never removing my sunglasses.

Until you are super tired you don’t realize how many things you normally are not just doing, but doing RIGHT, until you start blowing them. Throughout the day I will do wrong a lot of things I normally do right. I will leave letters out of the middles of words I’m writing. I will pick things up and walk places with them for no discernible reason. I never realized “not picking up something random and walking somewhere with it” was something I was doing right until I started doing it wrong.

A motel guest has complained to Meggie. She said the filming last night didn’t bother her, but it kept my daughters up. Lady, we saw your daughters. They were like eighteen years old. We only shot ‘till eleven. If your daughters go to sleep by eleven, then they do not deserve sleep, or to be young or American.

Our DP Bernard lets fly with some awesome film lingo and says he was “ghosting the 4K into the sky.” I gather it’s supposed to be a joke but I don’t know what’s funny about it because I know a 4K is a light but I don’t know what ghosting is or why doing it into the sky would be illogical enough to be humorous. Either way, it’s an awesome thing to hear someone say. Later, our assistant director Cassandra says “copy you,” which is a thing people say a lot on sets, and then she apologizes and says she hates set terminology and “copy you” in particular. I am sad to hear this because I love saying “copy you.” It makes me feel like a goddamn professional.

Later I am in the kitchen and our 1st AC and I are talking about Comic Con. He went last year and is thinking of going again this year. He says last year he dressed up as a Spartan. I ask him what he would dress up as this year. He says Vegeta. Vegeta is a Dragonball Z character. He doesn’t tell me this, he just assumes I know who Vegeta is. I take this as a huge huge compliment. I really do. I wore several large Dragonball Z t-shirts in middle school and I guess I still have the aura of the type of person who would’ve worn several large Dragonball Z t-shirts in middle school.

I have my laptop with me and at some point I burn a mix CD for my drive home from Burbank. I could get one of those radio iPod things for my car but I haven’t yet and I’m really getting a kick out of burning CDs for my car. CDs are already a charming arcane technology. Uh oh!

Several people on set are absentmindedly singing Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose.” I had been singing it absentmindedly at makeup on the first day. I think I unintentionally created a two-day Seal ear-worm. It is like Stephen King’s “The Stand” except with a song from the “Batman Forever” soundtrack instead of a superflu that decimates the populace allowing dueling good and evil factions to rise and do battle. (I haven’t earned that “Stand” reference. I read about twenty pages of it when I was in high school. I might have the aura of someone who read all of it, but I’m faking.)

At around eleven PM Meggie gets a call from her dad, which is weird because he’s in New Hampshire where it’s late, but it’s because he’s just gone to see a midnight screening of Harry Potter. He says he loved it and it had both action and comedy.

We get everything we need and wrap on time and Dan even has time to get an extra shot. We never got shut down by the hotel and everyone was friendly and hard-working and professional, including our one-man art department Nick who has flown in from New Hampshire to help us out at Comic-Con. We had a great team of PA’s that were nice enough to help us out for free. It was disconcertingly fun.

We are wrapping out and Donald can’t find his wallet. He thinks maybe he left it at home. He’s looked everywhere and tells me he’s about to give up looking, it’s definitely at home. Then he looks under the motel bed and his wallet is there. A good day for everyone all around.

I am walking back to my car which is parked on the street near the hotel. I see that my GPS was on the whole day. Its little glowing screen is like a message from a scattered and upset morning me. I am happy to hear from that version of me but now the scattered and upset has turned to wired and high-strung and psyched and I drive home faster than I probably should. I think, I am driving home from a film shoot through Hollywood. It is an unironic first-generation feeling of joy. It feels like you think it would.

Posted by DC at July 16, 2009 11:43 AM

You write so incredibly well DC. Wendy

Posted by: Wendy

I get a real kick out of reading these... whatever that means. I love your writing style and these lovely anecdotes.

Posted by: Joan

"and I guess I still have the aura of the type of person who would’ve worn several large Dragonball Z t-shirts in middle school"

hahahahaha! this entry was awesome dude.

Posted by: alecia

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