April 16, 2009

My good buddies at CollegeHumor were kind enough to have me at their live show a couple months back. Here's the resulting video of my stand-up.

In other news, DERRICK will be performing this Sunday night at Binghamton University. We are being hosted by their wonderful sketch group, the Pappy Parker Players. It should be a blast. If you go to school there or are in the area (it's open to the public) it's at the Anderson Center at 7:30.
Posted by DC at April 16, 2009 09:53 PM

Ha, great stand-up! I saw this awhile back on Collegehumor's frontpage -- still really funny. I hope you keep doing stand up (despite what some of the comments of College humor say) your act is really funny, good job.

Posted by: Jesse Gouldsbury

Hobgoblins. Awesome.

Posted by: Jerome

Hobgoblins. Awesome.

Posted by: Jerome

Your hoodness always gets a laugh out of me. You should come down to Washington, D.C.!

Keep it real, playa.

Posted by: Sasha


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