February 25, 2009

They were going to parties a lot,
this was in their second month
of college when there were still
new people to meet, when the
idea of going to somebody’s room
to listen to music off a laptop
and play beer pong still seemed
novel (when it stopped seeming
novel they’d keep doing it, because
what else was there to do)
and it was always a crapshoot,
what kind of party it was going to
be, who would be there, if ANYONE
would be there, what they’d have
to drink, if they’d have ANYTHING
to drink, and so they’d pregame
in Catherine’s room, so those
questions would matter a lot less.

Crystal Lite strawberry lemonade mix,
Crystal Palace vodka, in a big plastic bottle,
there was a lot of Crystal involved.

They were good nights, except when
Ashley’s boyfriend from Bard would call
and guilt-trip her and she’d spend important
drinking hours in the stairwell on the phone,
and then she’d come back and make up for lost time
and then he’d call back and she’d be back
in the stairwell and they could never leave until
she’d repeated a litany of “I have to GO I have to
GO I have to GO Steve I have to GO” and hang
up finally, do a fuck-you-Steve shot and
they were out the door,
and except when Catherine would flirt and
subsequently make out with a guy Amy
wanted but wouldn’t SAY she wanted,
and Andrea wouldn’t stop incessantly comforting her
until Amy had repeated her litany of “It’s
fine, I’m FINE, it’s FINE, I’m FINE,”
and sometimes the parties were lame
and sometimes they’d go back to the rooms
of boys they’d later wish they’d never
talked to

but they never showed up anywhere until
after midnight and there’s certainly
something to be said for that.

Posted by DC at February 25, 2009 10:37 PM

This makes me nostalgic and sick for something I never experienced. It's probably for the best. Anyway, good job! I like this!

Posted by: Chelsea M

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