January 30, 2009

My good buddy Frank have very similar musical taste and a lot of fondness and nostalgia for the indie/pop/emo of the early whatever-this-decade-we-are-in-is-gonna-be-called. As such, I was hell of psyched when he posted "All Things Ordinary" by The Anniversary, a band I didn't get into the first time around, but am now head over heels for. If you cracked open my soul and reached inside, you would find nothing but a tiny folded-up note reading "I love bands with synthesizers and boy-girl harmonies."

Here it is, plus another one.

The Anniversary - "All Things Ordinary"
The Anniversary - "The D In Detroit"

In comics, there have been several instances of the Marvel and DC Universes getting to cross over. I think whoever writes our lives should get on this and negotiate a crossover between our universe and our largest competitor universe. I want to meet my other-universe self, and know if I'm the darker, more emotionally complicated me (the Marvel me, so to speak) or the more innocent, simplistic, unimpeachable me (the DC DC, ha ha ha). I want to know if our New York is the real one, like the one Spider-Man inhabits, or an exaggerated knock-off, like Metropolis or Gotham City. It would also be interesting to find out that we're not one of the two major universes, that we're actually just a small indie universe with more interesting violent, sexual, adult material, but much lower circulation.

And while we're at it, I'd like our writer to fold the time in this universe so we call all meet our Golden and Silver Age selves. I'd like to imagine that all of our Golden Age selves are square-jawed and four-color, while our Silver Age selves are exactly like us in the present day, except we all have silver helmets with angel wings on the sides.

(My characterizations of the Marvel and DC universe may be totally inaccurate, I haven't read comics regularly in years. One of my big failings. I hereby encourage Eliza to set me straight on the tons of things I got wrong.)

Updated: Eliza responds: You're pretty much on the money as I see it. I mean, there aren't Marvel and DC versions of the same characters, but they find "equivalents", Which are sometimes dead on (Namor = Aquaman, duh) and sometimes strained (Storm = Wonder Woman? Uh, I guess so.... vaginas make things the same! Assuming they both have vaginas. This has never been specifically confirmed in any book.)

Posted by DC at January 30, 2009 12:27 AM

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