January 24, 2009

The program of short films we saw the other day had amazing, amazing music. Collectively our favorite short was called "PAL/SECAM," a period piece about an awkward kid in Moscow in the Eighties who's the only one in his neighborhood with a VCR. It's really funny, and I didn't really understand the term "well-observed" that gets thrown around in movie reviews until I saw the production design. You could not watch the movie at all and just geek out on the vintage disco posters on the main character's bedroom wall, and that would be satisfying in itself, but you'd be missing out on a great short film.

This Indian disco song runs throughout the movie, and is aggressively cool in seven or eight ways.

Vijay Benedict, Chorus, Mithun Chakravarty, Kim - "I Am A Disco Dancer"

Posted by DC at January 24, 2009 07:36 PM


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