December 31, 2008

My amazing friend Dyna makes this "Mad Men"-derived desktop art. Here is her December/New Year's image, inspired by the last episode of Season One:

I thought of this episode when I first heard this song off of T.I.'s 2008 record "Paper Trail." It is, like most songs on the album, super-cheesy and earnest and I really, really love it and believe it extra-hard.

T.I. - "Slide Show"

Dyna started making "Mad Men" art because a guy we know from UCB, Rich Sommer, is on the show, and commissioned some for his Christmas card. Dyna kept doing it and ended up getting a huge following among people who actually make the show and ended up getting hugged really hard and talked nearly to death by the show's creator. (You can read Dyna's account of that here.)

I started talking to this girl Allison at UCB about "Mad Men" while I was bartending and she was interning and we bonded over our weekly breakdowns of the show and next year I'm going to DJ her wedding.

I like the idea that Dyna will read this and maybe listen to that T.I. song. Dyna is awesome but she is perhaps the least listening-to-T.I. person I know, so I just like the idea that through some nonsense I write I can bring the two together.

And I think that's what I'm getting at, if anything, about this year and next year. I hope we all, and I don't just mean people I know, I mean everybody, keep trying to live the kind of lives that engender these sorts of weird connections where we look around the room and go "how the fuck did I get here?" in a great way. I hope we mix it up. Have surreal experiences. Get really wide open, knowing full well that when we are that open we are way more likely to get disappointed and hurt but also knowing it's the only way we'll ever get anywhere, and it will either be worth it, or we will look back on things and go "I still wouldn't have done it any other way."

I hope we give people the benefit of the doubt, I hope we look each other right in the eye, I hope we see the potential for adventure in everything. I want us to introduce new friends to old friends, and then we all hop on mythical beasts and go fight our way through hell and halfway through we turn around and go "Not only are these people great assets in this fight through hell, but they're getting along famously."

There will be road trips and songs that remind you of next summer that you haven't even heard yet, haven't even been written yet, and by this time next year you will consider some people close friends who are complete strangers to you at this moment. Maybe you've already met them but you just don't know what they'll end up being to you eventually, which I always think is the coolest.

Everything is uncertain so we should go ahead and do what it is we really believe in. Right?

Here's another ultra-earnest T.I. song from 2008 I believe like gospel.

T.I. - "No Matter What"

Posted by DC at December 31, 2008 01:59 AM


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