September 03, 2007

We interrupt this somewhat leisurely paced End-Of-Summer Storython to tell you that I love Kanye West. I un-i-fucking-ronically adore the man like no other living recording artist. His new album is chilling on my hard drive and I haven't listened to it yet.

His albums always seem to come along at fortiutious times in my life. I first heard "College Dropout" when it was loaned to me by a girl down the hall my Freshman year. It had just come out and I was putting on my shoes on my way to the first Hammerkatz show at UCB. I had been in New York six months and I was already performing at UCB: I was pretty fuckin' psyched. I had just enough time to listen to "We Don't Care" before I headed out the door.

Sometimes you get tinglies when you listen to the right song at the right time: like up and down your spine. I got 'em that night. I think Mr. West is responsible for more of those sensations than pretty much anybody in music. For me, anyway.

"Late Registration" came out around the time Donald, Dom and I sold our pilot to Comedy Central. Like, I had just experienced one of the biggest triumphs of my life and Kanye had just come out with an album full of triumph songs. I could put on "Touch The Sky" at any time, walk around New York, and feel fucking invincible.

His lyrics are full of insane ambition and self-reflection and self-critique, but he made the thing those lyrics are sitting on and ten times out of ten that thing is fucking beautiful. Massive drums that don't sound like anybody else's and expertly flipped samples that prove that the man is above all other things a great listener. He is not the greatest lyricist of all time, but I love how evidently proud he is of the occasional clever couplet (like he won't stop pushing this "what would y'all do for a Klondike" thing on us). He's goddamn catchy and his lyrics are goddamn catchy and he knows it and he knows where they fit in his genius productions.

He captures what it is to feel underappreciated and hungry and boastful and self-loathing and preoccupied with music. He wants to go to heaven but he also wants to shine. He exists primarily to prove you wrong. No one rides the line between hip hop's better and shittier angels better, no one is more full of shit and no one is more honest.

I think Kanye West is pretty hot but no one thinks Kanye is hotter than Kanye does, and you know what? He's right. Chicago's Kanye West is the goddamn ridiculous man.

Now dude has come out with an album called "Graduation" shortly after my, uhm, graduation. It is a time when I am feeling the least sure of anything I have in a while, but rich with the possibility of incredible shit happening at any moment. I guess it's my "if I could just get one beat on HOVA/we could get up off this cheap-ass sofa" period. I have heard four songs off the album: "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" (it's got some of my favorite Kanye themes but he came a little wack lyrically) "Flashing Lights" (the synths on this album are R-TARDED) "Champion" (Sampling Steely Dan? It's like he's trying to curry favor with me when I'm firmly in his camp) and of course "Stronger," which is simply. Fucking. Perfect. The rest is gonna be uneven: it's Kanye. The rest is gonna be eclectic and catchy and game-changing: it's Kanye. The rest is gonna have weak-sister skits no one will ever even rip from the CD: it's Kanye, and that's why they invented iPods.

A friend who is as excited or more excited than me sent me the album. I'll probably still buy it. Dude deserves a couple bucks for all the tingly life-is-amazing feelings he's given me, I would be happy to finance one square inch of the BAPE shit on his back.

Now: it is Labor Day, it is sunny, I have a few hours 'till I have to be at work. I am going to go walk around with the new record by Kanye West. New York, what's goin' on?

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