March 20, 2007

NEW DERRICK JOINT 'cause why the fuck not:

Behind the scenes gossip: You realize your life is not like other people's lives when it's four o'clock on St. Patrick's Day and the streets are full of drunk people in green and you're ducking into Virgin Megastore, where you will call your friends and ask them which they think is more "emo," a "Breakfast Club" poster or a "Nightmare Before Christmas" poster (because they don't have a "Garden State" poster, which would be ideal).

Also: that is my favorite sweater, I wear that sweater all the time. The jeans are Meggie's, although I have some that are almost that tight, they just all have crotch rips from my constant enthusiastic high-kicking, and I'm too poor to buy more right just now.

If you like the video, please send it to a powerful, influential friend, or just some tool you know.

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