September 17, 2006

New links, new links, red links, blue links:

FlickrPunch: A new project from UCBT's Original King Of Photo-Caption Comedy, Chris Kula. Fuckin' hilarious and updated daily.

Elm Rock City: My friend Mina is a hot girl who goes to Yale. Now she has a blog where she writes about rap feuds as they relate to Deconstructionist intellectuals, among other things. She posits that the phenomenon of "gold-diggin' hos" will never cross over to academia, which I firmly disagree with. Exhibit A, my hit single "I Wear My Mortorboard Broke Off," which has been called "a 'Chain Hang Low' for the corduroy-jacket-with-leather-patches set." Also, mad chickenheads have been blowin' up the cell piece since my doctoral thesis dropped and I was on the cover of "Crip Crit."

Go! Now! Read!

Posted by DC at September 17, 2006 11:32 PM


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