August 17, 2006

Last week I moved into the dorm where I'll be staying for the rest of the academic year. The internet is turned off until the schoolyear starts. But sometimes, there will be a location truck from some film shoot that's been going on on the block parked outside, and it has wireless. Waking up to that truck is like Christmas times seven to a boy who loves checking his e-mail but hates showering or putting a shirt on.

My life is mellow as hell until school starts. Basically I wake up, wander around, read a book in the park, go to the library and futz around on the Internet, scare up something to do in the evening. Because I haven't been working that much and the dining halls are closed I've been trying to subsist on ten dollars a day. The Old Me would have gotten up really late so as to make lunch a non-issue, put off dinner as long as possible, and then gone to Chipotle with the ten bucks. The New Me uses the ten bucks to buy some kind of pasta, some vegetables maybe, and some kind of meat, throws it all in a pan, eats half of it, and saves the rest for dinner. Then, to reward the New Me for being so cost-conscious for two or so days, I go to Chipotle.

A bird pooped on my arm today.

Posted by DC at August 17, 2006 05:54 PM
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