May 01, 2006

Friday was the epic Last Show of the Year, Ever for Hammerkatz NYU. I spent most of the day at Dominic and Dan's watching Dom edit the footage Harry and I shot the night before at rehearsal for the show's closing sequence. The boy is raw on some Final Cut: I had some half-baked notions of editing it myself, but he made me look like a chump with his timeline-jockeying and knowledge of fades. If you want your baby to be a non-linear editing maverick, truly this is the man to impregnate you.

The show itself ended up being an unqualified success. We actually got some time in the space to run things like cues, which is a rarity, and the fact that we'd put the show off two weeks meant most of the sketches were more polished than usual. The interstitial bits were a mix of time travel nonsense, rousing monologues underscored by Bruckheimer music, and poop jokes. The storyline culminated with the graduating seniors having to replace their alternate-universe selves in other dimensions in order to keep reality from collapsing in on itself. It turns out when you combine that with the Sufjan Stevens jawn "Vito's Ordination Song," you can get people in the audience to cry, and then applaud.

I've been gifted to work with these boys and girl so close for the past three years, to share the stage with them put words in their mouths and tell them where to stand and stuff. It was nice to not be onstage enough in this show to be able to sit in the back of the house and soak them up as they absolutely killed the crowd. They are geniuses and brilliance personified and all that other hyperbole, but the best thing I can say about them is they are fucking STRONG. Strong, willful, balls-out fucking performers in the word's most honorable sense. I didn't have time to get drunk enough at the party afterward to tell them so in no uncertain terms and at embarrassing length. But it's not like I won't see them again. We got plans.

Saturday I had the long-planned In Bed All Day day I've been meaning to have for a minute. I worked on Saturday night. The most I will say there is that hell is for people who don't tip. Every time you fold up your change and shove it in your pocket without peeling off a measley single, you are effectively putting that money in the hands of the ferryman on the River Styx to take you to damnation that much quicker. You are fucking up my money, you non-tipping person, and I need that money for burritos, pizza, socks, and beers while I scheme on ways to get paid MORE money for making up funny shit with my friends. But in the meantime, every dollar not in the tip-bucket is a little less Chipotle in my stomach.

But don't do it for me. Do it for your everlasting soul.

By the time I got off work it was too late to go to Helen's much-anticipated Brooklyn shindig, which I was bummed about. Apparently it was the jam.

Tonight was a night for gentlemen of leisure. Daniel and Meggie prepared a killer home-cooked meal such as can only be prepared by an almost-graduated LA-transplant actor and the girl who produced the Aspen-winning short he played a ninja in. Daniel made liver (which I'd never had before: mmmm.) encrusted with something delicious that featured bacon, and these brussel sprouts that make you want to go back to your six year old self and say "You're an idiot for not liking brussel sprouts," and Meggie made the ill macaroni and cheese and a dessert that invovled bananas, whipped cream, and Oreos. It was powerful. Eckman and I did our parts by eating and being terrifically complimentary. We watched "Sopranos." My two-week-old red wine itch didn't get scratched because I had to write some script later, and it's hard for me to look at things on the internet to distract myself from writing if I'm drunk. Meggie complimented my dish-doing. My mama ain't raise no fool.

Oh man I can't even tell you how excited I am about:

So excited that I even made 'em up a gmail account and a youtube account and that hastily assembled graphic. It probably also had a lot to do with procrastinating on that script I was (and still am) supposed to be writing.

Look for videos from these handsome knucklefucks to be coming real soon.

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