April 21, 2006

How would I describe our sound?

We're like New Order meets Slayer and hits Slayer up for a cigarette and Slayer is all, "sorry, dude, I quit."

We're like The Stray Cats meets Fiona Apple's parents and is belittled by her authoritarian father.

We're like Patsy Cline meets Bruce Springsteen and is shocked to realize he is much shorter than he looks on the TV show where he plays a sexy doctor.

We're like The Magnetic Fields meets Donna Summer while she's crying in a bathtub but The Magnetic Fields doesn't even ask what's wrong, just refills the Brita pitcher because the sink in the kitchen is broken.

We're like James Taylor meets three shady dudes in a dark alley and the three dudes jump James Taylor and take his wallet and are angered to find he only has seven dollars on him, so they kill James Taylor and pin the murder on Coldplay.

We're like The Strokes meets Public Enemy and Tori Amos and tries to talk them into a threesome and since Public Enemy and Tori Amos had recently agreed to be more adventurous they agree but they back out when they realize the whole thing is going to be taped by The Strokes' roommate, Kraftwerk, who they both used to date at Vassar.

We're like Iggy Pop meets with the board of directors of a major multinational corporation and dresses them down for being unresponsive to the needs of their shareholders (75% of the shares are held by Beck.)

Posted by DC at April 21, 2006 02:36 AM

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