April 04, 2006

I wasn't dead, my blog was just broken.

Which, if life was about posting song lyrics and half-thoughts and pictures from TV shows you like, would be equivalent to being dead.

The blog was fixed by Dean Esmay, with little prompting and no financial compensation. I have never met the man in the flesh but truly he is a gentleman and a scholar. Cheers, Dean.

There's a glitch in my archives where some punctuation shows up as unreadable symbols, making it look how it would in a world where punctuation had not been given enough attention by its parents and wanted to make a scene all the time so you would notice it. So if you're searching through the old DC Pierson chestnuts, perhaps for a quote for the eulogy of a loved one or an epigram for your eagerly anticipated sophomore novel, you'll have to wait until we get it ironed out or you'll just have to go through and fix it yourself (although thinking you can somehow fix it is a common mistake: punctuation just is who it is, and your savior complex can't change how it was raised.)

The new Ghostface album, Fishscale, is amaaaaazing. I have not wanted to actually listen to an album over and over again instead of giving it over to shuffle this much since...well, the Young Jeezy record. But the Jeezy record's Kill Bill. The Ghostface shit is Citizen Kane (meaning it defies all best-thing-ever hype by being consistently, impossibly fun). It's nice to hear to a song and know that no matter how hard you listen, there are lines you won't get until next year.

This coming weekend will mark the third in a row where I've done at least two comedy shows. This weekend they'll even be in seperate states, neither of them New York (UMASS Amherst with Hammerkatz NYU, DC Comedy Fest with Wicked Wicked Hammerkatz. ) It's kinda exhausting but I wouldn't have it any other way. Two weekends for now will be what we're calling Hammerkatz NYU's Last Show Of The Year, EVER. Early word on the project indicates a high probability of dinosaurs, hostages, and breakdancing. Be there.

I'll leave you with my favoritest Ghostface song and probably one of my top ten songs ever. "Fuck your wack look" indeed.

Ghostface Killah - "Holla"

Posted by DC at April 4, 2006 01:20 AM
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