August 04, 2005

Ohmigod, I've just discovered my favorite thing of all time.

Old School Hip Hop Flyer Archive

Tell Your Homeboys! Tell Your Homegirls!

Five weeks before I was born, Cut Master DC battled DJ Spivey (of 110th St) at the Harlem Karate Institute!

They scratched with a pair of sneakers! They cut with a basketball! One or perhaps more likely the both of them had the audacity to think they were nice!

What must you do to be a DJ? Cut with chopsticks, apparently!

Despite the fact that it was a battle no one would ever forget, Google is unhelpful about telling me who came away victorious.

This is seriously the coolest thing I've ever seen. Please let me emerge from the library basement to find that up on the street it's 1984 again. Washington Square being a murder-happy needle park would be worth it if I could just go to one of these shows with fifty legendary MCs on the bill. If for one night I could just be "anybody else".

I think I may have found my For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite.

We Can't Put It Off Any Longer!

Posted by DC at August 4, 2005 02:56 AM


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