June 23, 2005

My roommate is not home, but he has the whole first Rentals record on his iTunes and it's rocking out of my speakers at 4:45 in the afternoon while I'm still in my underpants. Let's talk about how it's officially SUMMER.

Classic Dilemma:

I'm accustomed to writing very late at night. And if I do that I don't have to worry about spending the gorgeous summer days buried in a computer lab or at a study carrel beneath the library. But writing at night also precludes important summer activities like drinking too much, talking shit, and closing the bar. So I keep resolving to wake up early and write during the day, but sometimes "early" becomes, y'know, two in the afternoon and I end up doing other stuff 'till my evening obligations. I was a good boy for the first three days of this week. And I will be tommorrow. I promise. The play will get finished. By the fourth of July? Sure, let's say that, if only in order to renege on it later.

I'm waiting, ooo-ooo-ooo, just waitin' on you

Can we talk about how an event at which my group is nominated for best sketch group is plugged on Gawker today? In the same breath as the Sleater-Kinney show, no less!

Pay tribute to the New York comics who will hopefully make you laugh for many, many years to come at the Upright Citizens Brigade’s Emerging Comics of New York Awards. You likely haven’t heard of any of them, but that’s probably the point of the “emerging” thing.


Somebody's fame and fortune is gonna come to me early
I get two loves in my life, and I'm dying at 90

I loves you. See you later.

Posted by DC at June 23, 2005 02:56 PM

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