April 28, 2005

We watched Sunset Blvd. in one of my favorite teachers Mary Gallagher's class.

She was talking about being a screenwriter in LA, because the main character is a screenwriter in LA.

The inciting incident is toughs trying to repossess his car, which can't happen, because, as Mary told us, you are nothing in LA without your car. They are, as she says, cutting off his legs.

So under this duress, he goes to a meeting at a studio and begs. Begs. You can't beg. The screenwriter asks for anything, a rewrite job, and the studio guy says he would, really, but there's just nothing. There's always something, Mary says, but the guy says there isn't because the screenwriter, William Holden, has committed the cardinal sin of the movie business: he was desperate.

The truth is, though, everybody in the business is desperate. The studio heads are desperate, their jobs are constantly on the line and they don't know what's going to work, as William Goldman writes in Adventures In The Screen Trade which I just finished, NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING.

But you and I must both keep living the lie that we don't need this, this job, this anything. Pretend so you don't remind me how I'm pretending.

Everybody is desperate, but the number one rule is, if you want a reason not to be desperate anymore, don't act desperate.

Everybody is desperate but no one is allowed to show their desperation.

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Life is something that everyone should try at least once.

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