January 13, 2005

Rina's photo year in review features us, as well as a lot of Rina being. Y'know. Hot.

I am trying to post more now that I have to pay $7.50 a month for hosting instead of $5.00.

Infinite propers to Dean Esmay, who got dude back online and upgraded, all out of the goodness of his blogheart.

Alecia's site is new and improved, under the new moniker "THE H.O.O.L.I.E.D. DIARIES," Achewood stylez. The two-table beer pong 'stravaganza detailed in her latest entry was my going-away shindig. A hundred and ten dollars of beer, two detached closet doors, and a five-dollar tub of ping pong balls from Walmart: you gotta spend money to make legends.

Trevor is posting again. Show him love.

Had lunch with Chelsea yesterday. It was brilliant. Now she has all my possessions and like fifty burned CDs, because I like her the best.

I made Ashley a mix but she went back to Tucson so now I will have to send it to her song by song on a weekly basis through G-mail, like amputated parts of somebody I'm trying to collect ransom on.

Rachel made me a mix. She has cooler taste than me.

I have speakers now.

The audition went OK. I got to go in and improv with my boy, even if we were doing so off of lame little scenarios probably ripped from some theater textbook from '86, it felt good to get back into it.

Over the break I preached drunkenly to a lot of people about my theory that you need to find the thing that when you're away from it, getting back into to it feels like warm water. Improv is my warm-water thing.

Every girl here looks insanely good, even all jacketed up. It's 55 right now even though the sun's already down. Please let this be January.

I'm in this show tommorrow and this show on Saturday. Come out and see a dude, Faithful New York Reader.

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