September 10, 2004

Drawing class got out early so me and Caileen mobbed over to Kimmel where we asked what floor the show was on and were told "Coles Sports Center," which is clearly not a floor of Kimmel but, in fact, the NYU gym some blocks away, so we hustled and neither of us had tickets which, we were told by the pessimistic girl working the VIP table, would prevent us from entering under any and all circumstances, despite the fact that tickets were given out free to anyone with an NYU ID, which we clearly had, so Caileen left but I was not so easily deterred (read: nothing else to do) so I stood on the corner and offered to buy people's tickets. Two giggling freshmen girls accepted the eight bucks I had in my wallet in exchange for one of theirs; I think the line, "You know you don't like them that much and you know I do" had its intended effect.

Then I was inside and The Fiery Furnaces opened the so-called Mystery Concert. I have seen them twice now (once at Siren from 200 feet away) and before I found them pretentious and rambling. Now I find them to be fucking fun and awesome. They also dropped one of the most rock and roll lines ever rocked in a rock and roll song (rock): "You got a wing in your snaggletooth/and you can't knock it back with no 80 proof." Also there are no breaks between their songs, thus proving efficiency and ass-kicking are not incompatible ideas (which Mango Spitcurl Bad, the Japanese surf-rock outfit who rents rehearsal space in my closet, were happy to learn).

Then there were The Shins and they were just fuckin' The Shins all over the place. I could've done with less people standing around between me and the band, and more people writhing and twitching retardedly and singing along really loudly, so I wouldn't have felt so alone. Ah well. They covered "Strange Powers" by the Magnetic Fields. If there is a God, he favors me heavily.

There are few words sweeter than "we have a few more songs."

Posted by DC at September 10, 2004 01:43 AM

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