December 02, 2003

Let's make this snappy.

My laptop batteries are dwindling and I watched them go and talked online to Chelsea and Allison instead of writing here.

And now they're down to seventeen percent, these batteries. This is as close to the third act of an action movie my life ever gets.

WILL he explain the events of his day in a bouncy satirical manner?

WILL he upload a largely unrelated picture and text-wrap it into the entry?

WILL you care?

Yes, yes, and oh fuck yes.

Today I had class at 11 then I took a nap wherein I dreamed Chelsea and I were at a John Lennon concert. John Lennon is indeed dead. But in my dreamworld he lives still, and he takes his damn time getting to the stage. The lights were just going down when the alarm on my cellphone rang and I had to go to class at three firty.

Then I did some work at the li-bary. Then I went to Writing the Essay Lecture, where a girl raised her hand and said what follows in italics. More stuff happened, but none of it were half as stupefyin' as what pored from the mouth of this artistic hope of tommorrow.

Well, I don't know everything, and you don't know everything, and we don't HAVE to know everything, and I just feel like that's such a stigma that like why can't we just be satisfied with not knowing stuff?

Bring back corporal punishment in education. Bring it the fuck back.

The most dangerous weapon in the hand of someone who doesn't know how to use it isn't a firearm. It's a compound sentence.

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