November 30, 2003

Here's the pitch:

A blog consisting entirely of a blogger psyching himself up to blog. Berating himself for not writing more often. Bemoaning his dwindling number of hits and the dreadfully close correspondence between that and his decrease in productivity and perceived (or real? Oh god, real?) drop in quality. Excuses and apologies by the barrelful. Clever postmodern self-referential one-offs and playlets about his lack of blogging. All this is founded on a firm commitment to provide absolutely zero content.

I think it could take off.

I didn't buy anything on Buy Nothing Day.

I struck a blow against consumerism and capitalist excess by letting my grandma buy me everything.

Three new sweaters and a scarf from Old Navy are liberating the proliteriat from the chains of primitive capital accumulation.

If one can affect sweeping social reform merely by eating pie, these past couple days I enacted universal health care and freed Mumia all by myself.

Think Globally. Fall Asleep On The Couch Before Acting Locally.

That is, as they say, how I do.

Posted by DC at November 30, 2003 02:38 AM

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