October 24, 2003

I sleep far too much and write far too little. There's no way around it. I'd like to say "Every night it's a different excuse," but that would imply that my average evening consisted of more than coming home very late from a rehearsal of some kind, kickin' it homework-style, reading people's blogs, eating some Halloween Oreos and calling it a night; and the universal excuse on those nights is fatigue: It's obscenely late and I have to be up for class, or I was up obscenely late last night and I promised myself I would Get Some Sleep Tonight, which I rarely end up doing but for reasons that don't involve me blogging. I've had Hammerkatz rehearsal every night this week, because the shows are tommorrow and Saturday night (8 and 10 tommorrow night, 8 on Saturday at Palladium for those of you in the New York area) so that accounts for this week's drought in particular.

What happened today: I woke up too late to take a shower and was fine with that, thinking, I ain't gotta be all neat and pretty for ConWest (Short for Coversations With The West, short for Class taught by a professor who thinks every piece of Greek literature from Homer on down is about how terrible the Bush administration is), nobody can keep their heads up and their eyes open long enough to notice how freaking balls-out hot I am anyway.

People in that class say retarded things. It's a lecture, and a lecture that takes place in the collegiate buttcrack of dawn (nine thirty), but people still manage to muster the fortitude to say some of the worst things I've ever heard, ever. Like a girl who just couldn't stomach the fact that nobody in the world saw much use for woman's rights until a hundred or so years ago. It wasn't that she thought they were wrong, oh no: she wanted to re-write history so they'd agree with her. Her argument centered around Machiavelli, and despite all the sexist things he said, he just couldn't think women were inferior, right? Right? I wish I'd written it down exactly. Same girl was responsible for some sparkling gems of insight today, let me tell you.

Jessica, who's also in Dramatic Writing, was sitting next to me, and was nice enough to provide some sympathy groans. I wonder which one of us dozed off more.

Tommorrow I have the recitation section of the same class, the portable snack-size version, smaller in size but no less yawn-inducing. Is it the Socratic method or the Platonic method, teaching by asking your students a lot of questions? Whichever one it is, it's employed by the TA that runs the recitation. And, perhaps in keeping with the intent of Socrates or Plato or whoever, it's fucking annoying. It annoys me into talking, weighing in heavily on required readings I haven't, you know, read, babbling just to keep myself awake. I probably say things infinitely more daft than anything correctionist-historian ditz could come up with, but I don't remember any of them because I'm usually too tired, and on a couple lucky occassions hung over, for them to stick.

Then I came home and took the nap to end all naps, instead of having the Fantasy Afternoon I had intended to have. I guess it was more a Realistic Fantasy Afternoon, since nowhere in it were the phrases "scantily clad" or "chests still heaving, rendered unconcious by sexual exhaustion," and it actually involved a briefer nap than the one I took, a leisurely lunch, some blogging, and maybe banging out a sketch if I was feeling ambitious. None of those things happened. Several trips between alarm clock and top bunk, however, did, and then at two forty five I got a sandwich and went to class.

Tonight was waiting around for rehearsal to start, getting in a car for only maybe the fourth time in three months, even though I ended up taking the subway instead, missing persons, and a raggedy-ass tech run. If the old rule about the worse the dress rehearsal goes, the better the show will be, holds true, tommorrow night is going to be awesome. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be.

My dad's coming out for Parent's Weekend, which means he'll get to see the show. It also means I get to eat People Food for at least two meals in the coming days. Bonus.

Posted by DC at October 24, 2003 01:54 AM

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