August 08, 2003

"It has all the elements of funny," is something I've been saying lately when I hear something that can see funny when it squints and cocks its head but is not, in all actuality, funny. Tonight I wrote something that had all the elements of funny. They were all there, just in the wrong proportions, like this Country Tyme Lemonade I'm drinking. Eight Year Old Brother made a pitcher of it today, and sort of ish-ed the ingridients, as eight year olds are wont to do. I half expect that if I leave some in my mouth for long enough the powder will settle to the bottom forming a fine grit of off-brand imitation lemon and sugar on my bottom teeth. I deleted that shit. The thing I wrote, that is.

My library card is sitting next to the keyboard, and I was contemplating doing lines of Country Tyme powder, but I've never done lines of anything, except for coke off the buttocks of an half-concious mumbling Spaniard. I miss high school already.

I clearly need sleep, yes?

Posted by DC at August 8, 2003 03:41 AM

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Posted by: Winston Garoner
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