January 09, 2003

Coolest. Morning. Ever.

It was like the clouds got tired and descended on our little desert paradise. I've seen, maybe, five mornings like this in my entire life (born and raised in the P-H-X, what can I say.) They never get old. Everything looks different, and the air feels crystalline and wet, and you just keep expecting something mysterious to loom up out of the gloom, like a Ringwraith, or some hellhounds are something, but nothing appears except the yellow road lines ten feet in front of you, other people's headlights, and eventually...school. I would've prefered a Ringwraith, tell you what.

It would've been a perfect morning for Pinback, if my car had a stereo and I had their CD. But alas, I had neither, and the radio is on the fritz again so my misty morning soundtrack was a remix "The Streets," one of the seminal works of Dub C featuring Doggs both Nate and Snoop, as well as X-Zibit, on Power 92.3.

Some of us threw caution to the wind and decided to take pictures while driving like skinny maniacs through the thick morning air-dew, throwing caution to the wind to capture the moment for blogternity. By some of us, I mean Alecia, who's not that great of a driver when visibilty is good and she isn't grappling with a digital camera. But we thank here at for her sacrafice anyway, and here at HFT we thank people by stealing blatantly from them, note the pretty fog picture up top. Plus she has what may be THE quinessential picture of me, counting up change to see if I could get me an expensive-as-hell movie theatre soda before Adaptation last night.

The soda I would eventually purchase in quarters and dimes may be my last for a while. I'm actually giving this whole "nutrition" voodoo a crack, to see if I can get working out to stick. You know those numbers on the back of the Pringles can? Yea, apparently those mean something, although I always assumed it had something to do with their Delicioustasity Factor.

We tried to convince our Humanities teacher to let us go play hide-and-seek in the fog. I had the perfect hiding spot picked out: The fog. But he said no.

A lecture about long-dead Romans teaches me nothing compared to playing hide-and-seek with a bunch of eighteen-year-old high school seniors at nine on a foggy morning, I wanted to say. Number one lesson that could've been learned: Hide-and-seek is awesome. I already know that. But reinforcement is always necessary.

Anything I say to you is gonna come out wrong anyway

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