January 13, 2003

I promised Alecia a post if she'd change her blog's title from the ever-popular (and ever-puzzling to outsiders) "Just Screechin' and Bonin'" to "This Means Whore," which she, in turn, did. And then, instead of posting, I did my homework and went to sleep, like a stupid homework-doin' to-sleep-goin' BASTARD. I won't say the fact that I neglected the poor blog here kept me up. But I did dream about being chased by ninjas peeved at my lack of updates over the past weekend. When ninjas get peeved, they throw sharp chunks of metal.

So here I am, updating.

The bold letters are usually for when I switch topics, but I'm not ready for that yet. However, I've already placed the tag, so there's no going back now. I just wanted to point out that Motivational Ninjas will doubtlessly be the wave of the future. Pep-talks? Former NFL stars coming to your workplace to lecture you about how you can "run in for the big score," even when all you're doing is calling old people and fooling them into signing up for long-distance service? A relic, my friend. From now on, if someone wants you to get something done, a parchment will appear on your doorstep one day, written in Japanese characters, with a translation below reading, "File your taxes or GET KILLED BY NINJAS."

Shit, the bell rang. Now I have to go to class, or, you know, get killed by ninjas. What would you do?

Posted by DC at January 13, 2003 10:07 AM


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