January 20, 2003

All-time record hits today, thanks to totally unexpected, make-my-morning linkage from Mike at Cold Fury, combined with the fact that I'm still inexplicably at the top of Tony Pierce's page. Tony's also added Goldstein and Trevor to his permalinks. Damn, we comin' up in the world. Before you know it we could be the JV version of all those LA bloggers that seem to know each other. Except, without all that...what's it called...oh yea. Talent.

It seems the news talked about nothing this weekend but the worldwide anti-war demonstrations. If nothing else, at least one thing they can shut up about now is the "silencing of dissent." Yea, you wish. Thousands of people take to the streets, some of them with signs depicting our president in Hitler garb. The news media freely (in some cases, gleefully) reports it. Man, the military-industrial complex really needs to light a fire under the Dept. Of Muzzling Alternative Viewpoints, because they're doing a really shitty job.

I may have to mention here that I have a distaste for shrill, self-righteous, self-important opportunistic reverse-racist anti-war scensters who are in it for the revolutionary chic. Maybe it's from one too many ska shows spoiled by smelly kids with jackets safety-pinned to the hilt with clever slogans. No, I don't think dissent should be silenced. But they could at least have the courtesy to Lysol the protest ground afterwards.

Posted by DC at January 20, 2003 12:51 AM

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