January 23, 2003

(Welcome to the Amish Tech Support Blog A Day Tour! Today's post is short, but not sweet.)

I'm writing this post yesterday for today. Or, you can say I'm writing it today for tomorrow. Depends on your perspective: when I wrote it or when you're reading it.

One of the things that people say a lot is "At least you've got your health." Well, I've got that. But Hal doesn't. And so he's going in for surgery tomorrow. (Which to you is today, for me is still tomorrow, and I guess Australians will call it yesterday now that I think of it)

I have no idea how long it's going to be tonight when we go over to Hal's for the pre-hospital visit and then how long it will be tomorrow as we wait in the Waiting Room. I guess we're not allowed to wait anywhere else or it'll violate something i nthe insurance carrier or something. Folks gotta wait in the Waiting Room instead of spending time at the Sonic Drive In or humping away in an open bed in the E.R.

Folks aren't supposed to eat before surgery. I was going to bake up a loaf of bread with bright blue food coloring in it. At least then I could be giving a loaf of bread as a pre-surgery present and then he wouldn't want to eat it. I mean, blue bread. Who would want to eat blue bread?

That one's tamer compared to all my other attempts at light humor. I've got a whole list, but in the end they all miss the mark. I figure I'll just be like everybody else, nod when I'm supposed to nod, smile when I'm supposed to smile, like some gigantic scroll of paper is running through my feet and my toes pick up on the holes like some human player piano.

Anyway, I'm sending this post a little early to D.C. so at least the Tour isn't interrupted. I figure that if we get home tomorrow (today) after everything goes well, I'll have something to post.

Of course, if D.C. has to post this pre-submitted piece, this means that nothing will get posted to my own site that indicates that the Tour is stopping here. Until I get home to post, that is, which means sending him this early really doesn't amount to squat, right?

I'll think of something. Y'all are clever, you'll figure it out tomorrow.

I mean today.

Posted by DC at January 23, 2003 05:30 PM

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